Miami Beach Bachelor Pad – Inspiration Boards

I’ve been working on a fun design for a bachelor who just moved to Miami from the lovely land of Mexico.  He has a bit of a rock and roll edge to him, so I wanted to come up with a look that is sleek and modern with a bit of an edge.

Here are my inspiration boards.  He loved all these ideas, especially the skull and spotlight lamp!  We have bought much of the furniture already and are still in the process of completing some other purchases; stay tuned for more updates of the finished space!

Miami Beach Bachelor Pad – Dining and Bar Area Design by Haydee Duarte                               (c) how sweet life is
Miami Beach Bachelor Pad – Living Room Design by Haydee Duarte                                               (c) how sweet life is
Miami Beach Bachelor Pad – Bedroom Design by Haydee Duarte                                                       (c) how sweet life is

Most items are from Ikea, with most others from CB2 and West Elm.  Product information and prices are listed on the inspiration board when you enlarge it.

I hope these inspire you to glam up your own spaces in the new year!


~the sweetest mami~

Do you speak {Ikea}?

{i heart ikea}

We were at a small get-together last weekend, and I immediately spotted many IKEA pieces in the hostess’ home.  I loved the way she created such cozy and kid-friendly spaces in her home.  We immediately got to talking about how we both loved IKEA so much, and it was funny that we referred to the pieces by name!  When she told me to make myself at home, she said I could nurse Lucas in the POANG chair in her little boy’s room and I replied I had the same chair in our nursery at home!

I find it interesting that so many people are IKEA-haters, yet I continue to find their pieces  in so many different places, ranging from small apartments to large homes, and even in restaurants and bistro cafes.  Personally, every time I buy something from IKEA, I tell myself it is temporary, until I can afford the ‘real thing’, so to say, but having said that, I still have some pieces in use that are *gasp* over ten years old!

In time, though, I hope we can complete our transition to more durable, life-time furniture.  Over the most recent years, we have added a Crate & Barrel Dining Room set and Pottery Barn entertainment center to our collection of furniture, but the Wish List keeps growing and our budget cannot keep up with it yet!

So, I find myself wondering…how many other people are in this situation?  Do you love IKEA, too, and plan to keep it forever, or dream of upgrading one day?  Do you have any pictures to share of how you’ve made IKEA furniture your own?  There’s also a great blog for people who like to reinvent IKEA pieces; it’s called Ikea Hackers and has great ideas to share!

Here’s an ode to the most-often seen and used pieces from IKEA.  I wonder how many of you recognize these pieces, ALL of which are in my home.  Can you tell me where I’ve used these items?  Which ones do you own, or covet?

{Happy Decorating}

~the sweetest mami~

Hemnes $299
Alex $119
Nyvoll $199
Poang $69
Bjursta $249
Fillsta $29.99
Lack $7.99
Expedit $139
Expedit $70