Summer Bucket List

Excited for Summer?  You’re not alone!  Here’s a little inspiration for your Summer fun.  What do you have planned this summer?  Any vacations, or adventures?

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Summer Bucket List @howsweetlifeis

I have really missed keeping up with my personal blog and am hoping to revive it this Summer.  Lately, I’ve been caught up in the hustle and bustle of trying to ‘do it all’ and ‘have it all’ and it hasn’t been effective, to be honest with you.  I often find myself juggling too many things at the same time and so much multi-tasking has taken a toll on me.  It’s so hard sometimes to find time to squeeze everything in.  Being an awesome mommy, loving wife, and ultimate boss lady while also finding time to take care of myself has been near impossible, most days.

If you know me, you already know I’m your classic Type A personality.  I like order, planning, and being in control.  I’m rarely spontaneous and don’t like to make decisions ‘on the fly’.  This usually results in days that are fully planned with little (or no) downtime, and I’m left feeling stretched thin and also not productive.

I’ve forgotten how to relax and enjoy the art of ‘doing nothing’.  I’ve been too busy doing things to truly enjoy living life, and I really want to commit to changing this.  I need to stop and smell the roses along the way, instead of simply grabbing them and placing them in a vase because they ‘look pretty’, and not take the time to enjoy the moment.

This Summer, I want to slow down and purposefully make time for what matters in my life – friends, family, and renewing my body and soul.  We only live this life once, and if we don’t slow down to enjoy it, what good is it all?

Join me this Summer as I cross things off my Summer Bucket List and slowly make the move to being less busy and enjoying life more.  No, I will not give up my to-do lists or stop planning my days, but I will intentionally leave more blank space in my planner to sit back and enjoy all the good Summer has to offer.

Hoping you stick around for more updates, and invite you to follow my sweet blog and share your comments.




{be inspired} the power of inspiration boards

inspiration board for {how sweet life is}

Do you like this?  Great! I’m currently taking a Blog Design Workshop, and this is the inspiration board for my blog.  I only started this week, and already I’ve learned so much.   I’m so excited to update my blog, so that it reflects more of my personality and style.

If you like this board, visit the full version on pinterest, and while you’re there why don’t you create your own inspiration board for something you love?  Are you thinking of updating your home?  Are you looking for new meal ideas?  Need some ideas for family photos?  I have many boards you can browse through, that can inspire you too.  Follow me on pinterest here.

{happy pinning!}


~the sweetest mami~

ps.  The Blog Design Worskhop I’m taking is hosted by Jo Klima, a talented graphics designer who blogs at August Empress and designs websites at The Darling Tree.  Registration for this workshop is closed, but you can  visit Your Darling Blog Design Workshop pinand join the mailing list to be notified when registration for the next workshop opens.