{be inspired} the power of inspiration boards

inspiration board for {how sweet life is}

Do you like this?  Great! I’m currently taking a Blog Design Workshop, and this is the inspiration board for my blog.  I only started this week, and already I’ve learned so much.   I’m so excited to update my blog, so that it reflects more of my personality and style.

If you like this board, visit the full version on pinterest, and while you’re there why don’t you create your own inspiration board for something you love?  Are you thinking of updating your home?  Are you looking for new meal ideas?  Need some ideas for family photos?  I have many boards you can browse through, that can inspire you too.  Follow me on pinterest here.

{happy pinning!}


~the sweetest mami~

ps.  The Blog Design Worskhop I’m taking is hosted by Jo Klima, a talented graphics designer who blogs at August Empress and designs websites at The Darling Tree.  Registration for this workshop is closed, but you can  visit Your Darling Blog Design Workshop pinand join the mailing list to be notified when registration for the next workshop opens.

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