Baby A and Baby B

Here is the proof, in case you were wondering if we were pulling your leg or joking (as many do, when we share the news)! Have I mentioned that we don’t want to know the sex of the babies? We both think it will be a lot more fun to be surprised when they are born. So, in this case especially it was really nice to find out that the way the doctors keep track of both babies during my checkups is by calling them ‘Baby A’ and ‘Baby B’ — and they will be tracked like that throughout my entire pregnancy, so they will be able to monitor each baby’s growth and progress separately.

The pictures above were really fun. It was really the first time I could see them so clearly, instead of just looking at two little fuzzballs on the screen. I was shocked to see them positioned with their feet towards each other, but my doctor says they will do a whole lot more moving around before I deliver them. Although both of them wriggled around a lot during the ultrasound, Baby B was especially active–kicking and stretching its arms. So cute!

I hope you enjoyed your first glimpse at my little bundles of joy. I am bracing myself for a lot of kicking in the future. These days I just feel a few flutters here and there, so I can imagine how active they’ll both be as they grow bigger in my tummy.

2 thoughts on “Baby A and Baby B

  1. CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so happy for you guys! I have a close friend that had twins about a year ago. Let me know if you want to get together with her, she has a wealth of knowledge, especially on natural family parenting, birth, breastfeeding (she bf them for a year!).

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