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2018 Personal Vision Board MY LIFE

Today is February 25th, 2018 and the first day of the rest of my life and a date that carries so much significance for me.  I am still settling into my goals for 2018, as I take a moment to reflect on all I’m grateful for, big and small.

This vision board hangs in my office as a reminder to live a life full of joy and never lose sight of what matters most.  My word of the year is HOME and my overall goal this year is to create an environment at home that is filled with beauty that serves my family and strengthen the relationships with those I love most while growing a business that celebrates love and intimate gatherings.

My mission is, quite simply, is to create beauty while loving myself and those who matter most to me.  This means making time for me so that I can be the best I can be for others.  This means clearing the clutter – physical and mental – so that I can focus on what matters.  This means making plans to improve my life, and following through to make it happen. This means supporting and inspiring others, and asking for support and motivation when I need it most.



MY WHY (photo by Michelle March)


I don’t know how to do anything ‘half-way’ or partially.  With me, it’s all or nothing.

I have been struggling with losing weight for some time, as I have given into stress eating and skipping meals for too long.  I have tried diets and counting calories, only to lose the weight temporarily and bounce back once it’s over.

I have gone through rounds of organizing and reshuffling things only to have them resurface in my home, even though they no longer serve me or bring me joy.  I have lost my temper with my sweet family over an item that’s in the wrong place or items that are taking over our space at home.

I have made plans for dream vacations that I’ve been unable to honor because, too often, a quick stop at Target turns into a shopping spree for all the things I love but don’t actually need, and I am an expert at justifying that I do need it and have to have it.

I have planned to do a fun date night with my husband every month, only to fail continuously because we can’t find a babysitter or can’t figure out something fun or different worth getting out for.

I have missed birthdays and anniversaries because I’m ‘too busy’ when in busier times in my life I pre-purchased birthday cards and sent them to my friends and family to brighten their day and let them know they’re not forgotten.

I am my worst critic and my biggest cheerleader at the same time.  I tell myself ‘You got this’ while my inner voice is saying ‘You are not enough’.  I am not skinny enough, strong enough, organized enough, fun enough, patient enough.  I am too busy, too much of a perfectionist, want too much.  My vision is unrealistic, not achievable, just a dream.

Well, I’ve had enough.  Today is the day.  Today marks 8 years since we brought our micro-preemie twin girls home after spending their first two months of their lives in the NICU after I spent three weeks on bed rest during my favorite holiday season of the year – Christmas.  Today marks 14 years since I bought my first home on my own, in Phoenix Arizona, after moving on a whim for a better quality of life and work life balance – where I met the man who became my husband and whom I love with all my heart.

Today marks one year from the date I ran the 10K Disney Princess Run with no history of ever even running a 5K, and while I fought bronchitis.  I ran reluctantly that day, but in the end, I ran for my family that day.  I visualized crossing the finish line with my sweet family at the finish line cheering me on, even though in reality they were home tracking my progress online.  Visualization is a powerful tool.

I visualized my ideal home layout when shopping for my first home and the home I purchased was laid out exactly the way I envisioned it.  I visualized bringing home two healthy babies, when I was in the hospital for three weeks, even though my first night there they almost rushed me into a C-section when my tiniest baby was at risk for not making it.

Today, I visualize a life filled with more joy and laughter than I’ve had in the past five years, as I’ve focused on doing so much while starting to lose sight of what I already have and have achieved.

Today, I start a fresh new program to kickstart my health and reset my eating habits.  I start the Whole 30 program with my #1 cheerleader, my sweet husband. Yes, it will be hard.  Yes, I will want to give up.  Yes, I will want to end my nights with my usual glass of wine.  Yes, I will miss the generous dose of milk and sugar in my morning coffee. But I refuse to give up. This will be hard. But I have done hard before.  Parenting is hard. Marriage is hard. Owning a business is hard. Life and anything worth having is hard.  If things were easy, the reward wouldn’t be as fulfilling.

I may even bring this blog back to life very soon, but for now, I hope you don’t mind this unstructured approach.  I simply want to capture my thoughts and set them out in the universe so they can come back to me as wishes and dreams that come true.

Until then, enjoy the sweet life and all that’s good in your life today.




Summer Bucket List

Excited for Summer?  You’re not alone!  Here’s a little inspiration for your Summer fun.  What do you have planned this summer?  Any vacations, or adventures?

Summer Bucket List.jpg

Summer Bucket List @howsweetlifeis

I have really missed keeping up with my personal blog and am hoping to revive it this Summer.  Lately, I’ve been caught up in the hustle and bustle of trying to ‘do it all’ and ‘have it all’ and it hasn’t been effective, to be honest with you.  I often find myself juggling too many things at the same time and so much multi-tasking has taken a toll on me.  It’s so hard sometimes to find time to squeeze everything in.  Being an awesome mommy, loving wife, and ultimate boss lady while also finding time to take care of myself has been near impossible, most days.

If you know me, you already know I’m your classic Type A personality.  I like order, planning, and being in control.  I’m rarely spontaneous and don’t like to make decisions ‘on the fly’.  This usually results in days that are fully planned with little (or no) downtime, and I’m left feeling stretched thin and also not productive.

I’ve forgotten how to relax and enjoy the art of ‘doing nothing’.  I’ve been too busy doing things to truly enjoy living life, and I really want to commit to changing this.  I need to stop and smell the roses along the way, instead of simply grabbing them and placing them in a vase because they ‘look pretty’, and not take the time to enjoy the moment.

This Summer, I want to slow down and purposefully make time for what matters in my life – friends, family, and renewing my body and soul.  We only live this life once, and if we don’t slow down to enjoy it, what good is it all?

Join me this Summer as I cross things off my Summer Bucket List and slowly make the move to being less busy and enjoying life more.  No, I will not give up my to-do lists or stop planning my days, but I will intentionally leave more blank space in my planner to sit back and enjoy all the good Summer has to offer.

Hoping you stick around for more updates, and invite you to follow my sweet blog and share your comments.




Keeping it simple: What’s for dinner? Spicy mussels and chorizo!

One of my favorite summer dishes is mussels in white wine and garlic sauce.  A highlight of my travels is having the classic Belgian meal of ‘moules et frites’ (mussels and fries) in a classic Belgian beer garden restaurant, which opened in London in the mid to late 90’s – Belgo Centraal – and it is still there, in Covent Garden, if you ever visit!  I was lucky enough to frequent this restaurant when it first opened, and was seen as a cutting-edge modern and industrial space, and blessed to return with my husband just a few years ago when we visited London together.

If you love mussels, then there is no better pairing than crispy french fries and a cold (preferably Belgian!) beer.  Well, years later I was brave enough to attempt to recreate this at home, thanks to a very simple recipe I got from a dear foodie friend.  The result was delicious, and I was surprised at how easy it was to make.

The only thing is that it was too ‘plain’ for my Mexican husband — he is a man who eats a jalapeno with every meal and even wants to add hot sauce to Dominican food!  So, imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon this fabulous recipe, that includes spicy Mexican chorizo as well as red pepper flakes to bring a little more heat in.  Needless to say, it was a huge hit!

Spicy Mussels and Chorizo, Recipe and Image via Martha Stewart

Spicy Mussels and Chorizo, Recipe and Image via Martha Stewart

For this recipe, and lots more one-pot dinners and simple dinner recipes, visit my ‘easy dinner ideas’ pinterest board and follow me on pinterest!  You will be inspired for sure, but also will probably leave very hungry and ready to try a new recipe!


sweetest mami

ps If you make this, do come back and let me know what you think of the recipe!

Free Printable – Motivational Quote!

Hustle Until You No Longer Have to Introduce Yourself

Hustle Until You No Longer Have to Introduce Yourself (c) Art Print by Sweetest Celebrations

There are times when you have to give it your all to make your dreams come true.  These times are tough, but the reward is worth it.  I’ve been working on my business for a few years now, and it’s finally starting to shape into what I always dreamt of.  This hasn’t been easy, though, and I keep many motivational quotes at hand to keep me going.  When I found this one, it was perfect, since in my industry, I go to many events and work with many talented people I admire greatly, and in the beginning it was really hard being the ‘newbie’.  I’m glad I stayed true to my vision though and took the time to connect with others on a one to one basis, in person and virtually.  This was hard, but so worth it.  Now when I am at an event, it’s so nice to be welcome by people who have actually become good friends of mine, and people I don’t know actually approach me knowing who I am before I introduce myself.

Whatever you do, do it with purpose, and even though it may take time to reach your goals, stay focused and the reward will be great.  I hope this quote motivates you too, and that you find a home for it so you can see it often and stay on track.


Chic Master Bedroom Inspiration {pink ivory and gold}

Chic Master Bedroom Inspiration

Chic Master Bedroom Inspiration

Summer breeze, cool and calm…perfect time for a sweetest bedroom makeover!

This inspiration board features blush, ivory and gold, for just the right touch of feminine but also a hint of the modern.

Contact me today for your personalized inspiration board!


be merry and bright

The holidays are in full swing around here, and hopefully you are finding time to enjoy time with your loved ones too, amid the chaos and busy times that come with it.  Since my last post, I have been relishing in the little moments that make me so grateful and love every minute of motherhood, despite how difficult it can be at times.  Here a few highlights I wanted to share with you…

We sent out nearly one hundred Christmas cards this year, at the eleventh hour…which I had to design and print at home just to get them out on time!  Needless to say, there are still a few we didn’t manage to get out and I felt a little bad about this, so I wanted to share the card online so EVERYONE can see it…


We celebrated our girls’ fifth birthday just four days before Christmas, which also makes for a very busy week!  The girls were so happy to be in the company of lots of new friends, and all the kids were over the moon with excitement when they broke the piñata and experienced an awesome sugar rush!




The last highlight I’d like to share — but definitely not the least important, by far — is what seems like the closest we’ll get to a family Christmas photo for this year.  It was a bit of an impromptu moment actually…we finally arranged a date night and we asked the babysitter to snap a quick photo of us before we went out, but of course, all the kids wanted in!  I love this photo because it captures the raw truth of our everyday life — girls excited to see us leave, and Lucas sad to see us go — it was a bittersweet goodbye, but a much-deserved mini break from parenting, even if ever so brief.

IMG_4019Well, I leave you with a heartfelt thank you and appreciation for keeping up with me and my little family.  Life keeps us all busy but it’s so nice to be able to share these sweetest moments in the hopes that it will brighten your day, and give you a moment to reflect on the little joys in your own life.

Wishing you all a happy new year and all the best for 2015!

Until next time…stay sweet!



ps  Those of you who read my last post will appreciate this comment…the Advent cards I made last year finally turned up, just days after I created new ones for this year!!

{a freebie for you} advent cards for your sweetest ones…

Ok, I’ll admit, I’m a little late to the party this year.  Last year, I created a set of hand written advent cards with little messages and treats for my little ones, and I swear I saved them so I wouldn’t have to do it all over again…BUT we took out all the decorations for Christmas this weekend when we put our tree up, and they were NOWHERE to be found…

IMG_0539 IMG_0525 IMG_0529

Well, we did find Pepito, thankfully – our very own ‘elf on the shelf’, so I asked my husband to create a handwritten note for the kids on the first of December to kick off our advent tradition again, but it’s only the third day and we’ve already fallen behind.

I know it’s late, but hopefully my kids won’t notice.  I created these simple advent cards, using a place card template I use for weddings, which can be customized as needed for each day in advent.  It simply states the number of each day, with a short message “It’s time for…” which can be completed on the inside of the small tent card.  I simply didn’t have the energy right now to come up with 25 advent tokens, and thought it was best if I left it open to fill out as the month unfolds and so I could reuse them again in the future!

I’ve got some ideas I definitely want to reuse from last year, and hopefully you can draw inspiration from these too…

  • It’s time for a holiday sing-along party!
  • It’s time for ice cream sundaes
  • It’s time for a family movie night
  • It’s time for a fun Christmas craft activity
  • It’s time for you to find your new Christmas PJs
  • It’s time for us to bake holiday cookies

Well, if you are like me, and don’t mind being a bit behind with some traditions, I hope you enjoy the free printable –  Advent Cards (click the link to download the PDF).

Oh, yeah, and while I was at it, I also designed our family’s holiday cards, since (again) I fell behind on ordering these online this year and really didn’t think I could get these out on time unless I did them myself.  I hope to print these out soon, so I can get them out to those of you on my NICE list this year…stay tuned, as I’ll be happy to share the photo online once they’ve been mailed.

Until next time, Stay Sweet!