My Growing Belly

Taken November 23, 2009

At my last doctor’s visit, my doctor informed me that my 24-week belly is now the same size of the belly of a woman carrying one baby at 8 months.  Shock!  Well, it’s expected with two buns in the oven.  Strangers are already commenting about my size, in the guise of “you’re due any day now, huh?”…When I went shopping for groceries, one of the clerks said “Oohh…be careful, we don’t want any surprises!!” when he saw me walk in.  “Don’t worry.  I’m not due until February,” I replied.  I told him I am expecting twins, and then he understood.

One thought on “My Growing Belly

  1. Some people don't think before speaking. During my pregnancy some guy asked me when was the baby due. I snapped at him "why, did you make a bet?"

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