Valentine’s Day {Zoë and Eva at 8 weeks}

Valentine’s Day this year was especially nice for us.  We went to the Mission in Old Town Scottsdale for a delicious brunch, and then went to see ‘Valentine’s Day’ at a matinee showing.  As nice as those experiences were, though, they were not the highlights of our day.

The best part of our day was visiting with Eva and Zoë.  They started Eva on bottle feeds during our visit.  She really took to it quickly, and was able to finish half of her full feed during her first feeding session.  We are so happy and proud!  She is going to be a fast learner, it seems.  Zoë will follow, soon enough.  They expect her to start bottle feeding by Friday.  In the beginning, they will feed from a bottle once a day, and then gradually move to once every twelve hours, and eventually build up to taking every feed through a bottle.  Once they can feed from the bottle exclusively, they will be ready to come home.  During this process, I will also have them experiment with breastfeeding, but I can work on that more once we bring them home.  As they progress, we are just happy to know they are getting closer to being released.

Another big event was that they are now co-bedding.  They were moved to a crib, together, on Sunday evening.  Last night (Tuesday 2/16) when we visited them, they were finally together again.  We carried them each for a while, and when we put them back in their crib, it was so heart-warming to see them look at each other in such a peaceful manner.  We are sure they have missed each other so much…

Our baby girls are nine eight weeks old today, Wednesday February 17th.

2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day {Zoë and Eva at 8 weeks}

  1. Tears fall down my eyes as I read this. Nothing makes me more excited then to have this news today. Isn't it so amazing how something so precious and tiny can change your whole world around? You were blessed twice, we were blessed twice!!!! Thank you my little babies for being such great fighters! Titi knew you could do it all! I love you girls and I can't wait to hold you in my (Titi Michele)arms forever!!!!! Or at least till my mommy steals you back from me. LOL

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