It’s so nice to get out, still…

We are lucky to still be able to get out of the house, being new parents to twins.  My mom has come to stay with us for a while, until we are settled into our new schedule.  By that, I really mean, until I find a new job! During the day I like to take care of the girls’ care and prefer her to take care of chores around the house, which is a big help on its own.  She still gets to help me with the girls’ care too, just not exclusively.  This is nice, because lately we’ve been able to leave her with the girls while we go out.  We just had a movie night this week.  It was refreshing to watch a movie when it seemed we were the only ones there.  We watched Ghost Writer, directed by the ever infamous Roman Polanski.  It was brilliant.  We both enjoyed the story very much.  Tomorrow night, we have another Phoenix Suns game to attend and we’re also very much looking forward to attending a friend’s house party on Saturday.  It is a nice treat to continue to have a social life, and also find time to have dates here and there.  We’re hoping we can keep this up once my mom leaves.  We’ll just need to have babysitters lined up to help.  Any takers?  ;-D

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