Happy Mother’s Day!

I am so blessed.  Today, on my first Mother’s Day, I am reminded of how extremely lucky and blessed I am.  I have a wonderful husband, who continues to spoil me, and two beautiful daughters whose smiles light up my world.  Victor let me sleep a straight five hours last night after I went to bed.  How awesome is he!?  I love him, so much.  He started my morning by presenting me with a beautiful heart-shaped pendant of blue topaz, which is the girls’ birthstone.  

We then got the girls ready and ventured out on our first  family outing.  We headed to the Biltmore Fashion Park, an outdoor shopping plaza, about half an hour away from home.  We were wary, but everything went extremely well.  Of course, per Doctor’s orders, we kept the girls away from direct sunlight, covered their car seats with blankets at all times and avoided small children like the plague.  Sweet Eva slept the entire time, while curious Zoe kicked the blankets off and pleaded with us to let her look around at all that was so new to her.

We had a quiet lunch outside, while strangers walked by and looked at us curiously all the time oohing and aahing at our huge double stroller and the prospect of baby twins tucked away so quietly.  I was wished many a Happy Mother’s Day by many kind people, and we even got to do some quick shopping for Mommy and Daddy while the girls were peacefully still.  

I have been blessed with such a lovely family.  I am looking forward to many more happy days we can enjoy together, as time goes by.

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