Colorful Dining Room

You can’t see the whole dining room here, but I did want to take this opportunity to share this picture because it features our new curtains, which was a major DIY project accomplishment for me.  After looking for the perfect curtains to use, I ended up buying my own fabric and was lucky enough to have my mom around to make these for us.  I know this is an easy project I can tackle on my own in the future, now that I bought a sewing machine, but hey, she offered!

Our dining room furniture is so heavy [table, book cases, and side board are all dark wood] so I really wanted to brighten up the room with a bright color palette.  I thought pops of orange and hot pink would be perfect for the room, and if I could bring in some yellow, I’d hit jackpot!  We love the colorful runner we use on the table, and also brought in a bright orange lamp (from our living room) onto the sideboard that’s against the wall [not shown in this picture], to bring some cheer to this room.  We have two IKEA Poang chairs that we have had for some time, and changed the covers from faded black to fresh ivory [also not shown, these are on either side of the sideboard].  

The walls will eventually be painted in a cool bluish gray, and will complement the soft buttery yellow we are using in the adjacent kitchen.  it will take us some time to finish the look completely, and I look forward to sharing more pictures as it all comes together.

{Happy Decorating}

ps I bought the fabric at Jo-Ann Fabric store.  It is from the Waverly Home Decor Modern Essentials collection.  I used two and a half yards @ $19.99/yard.  {This particular fabric is not featured online, but there are many other great patterns I already have my eye on for future projects.}

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