Love is in the air..

Tiffany Blue Wedding Inspiration

I’m very excited to be part of a very special day coming up, for my older sister.  She recently became engaged, this past Thanksgiving, and is in the midst of planning a wedding for the summer of 2012.  I volunteered to take on the task of planning her wedding, and helping her stay on budget, so she can focus on the joy of being engaged and making all the fun decisions while I can help her keep everything under control.  She wants to keep everything simple, and wants her color theme to be ‘ocean and sand’.  I’ve been working on collecting ideas and inspiration for her wedding on Pinterest.  I have a vision of a fun wedding with aqua and yellow sprinkled throughout, keeping the day very happy and joyous for all.

One thought on “Love is in the air..

  1. Congrats to your sister! Where are they getting married?

    Oriental Trading Company has a lot of party favors. My wedding was very small in San Diego with a tight budget. We used a local wedding planner which ended up saving costs of venue, music, flowers, and the ceremony. No fuss while still having control to choose.

    We gave each of the couples who traveled a tote bag for the beach. Inexpensive enough to give one to everyone and durable enough for weekend use.

    When you lived in Phoenix did you have Cathy’s Rumcake? Her daughter now sells the cakes worldwide and offers shipping. Inexpensive wedding cake while still being beautiful and delicious!

    Happy shopping!

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