baby on the brain

Christmas 2011 {26 weeks}

These days, I’m grateful for the little joys in life.  It’s hard enough not to get through the day without being extremely fatigued and forgetful.  As I approach my due date for our next little one, I am excited and equally nervous.  This week has been a milestone week, as I am 29 weeks — the same I was when I delivered Eva & Zoe after being in the hospital for three weeks.  It is all new to me, from here on in.  My body is experiencing symptoms I had not gone through before, and I’m sure there are more to come.  Overall, though, I can’t complain.  I’m healthy, as is the little one growing inside me.  We are all excited to meet our newest addition soon.  Eva and Zoe love rubbing my belly, and cooing ‘baby baby’.  Victor has been so patient with me as I try to figure out the new nursery decor.  Our little family is full of love and we are ready for what lies ahead.

Here are a few of the things I’m most grateful for these days.

  • I’m thankful that I’m not retaining water and that my hands and feet are not swollen.  I’m happy I can still wear my pre-pregnancy shoes!
  • I’m thankful that I live in Florida and only have to deal with mild weather these days.  I was not so fortunate a few months ago, when travelling, and had to endure cold and rainy days.  I fell ill with bronchitis and was very close to catching pneumonia.
  • I’m happy that my severe morning sickness has subsided and I no longer have to take medication to keep my nausea away.  It’s been nice to eat my meals without worrying about being sick.
  • I’m thankful our sweet girls are on such a good routine.  It’s nice to know the evenings belong to just me and Victor.
  • I’m eternally grateful for Victor’s patience and dedication with the girls, and me, day in and day out.  He is my rock.  I couldn’t do any of this without him.
  • I’m thankful for my health and that of my unborn baby.  After everything we went through during my last pregnancy, it’s comforting to know that all’s well this time around, and I am no longer considered high-risk.
  • I’m thankful for decaf, because even though I’m not one of those people addicted to coffee, I do really enjoy the fancy coffee drinks Starbucks offers every now and then.  Caramel macchiato, anyone?

I hope to catch up on posting more about me and my sweet little family soon.  Been kind of busy these days, but in a good way.


ps. Is it a boy or a girl?  I don’t know and won’t until the baby arrives — due date April 7th.

One thought on “baby on the brain

  1. Hi, it was so great to get the link to your blog. You look great! I am happy to hear all is well. Your positive outlook is such an inspiration. Keep that smile and kiss those girls once more… is never enough :>)
    Susan Helms

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