forever grateful

As I get closer to my due date, I find myself in awe of my two little sweethearts, Eva and Zoe.  I’m so proud of them, and simply can’t get enough of their playful and fun attitude.  It is with immense gratitude that I look back on their own entry into this world and remember how difficult those times were when they were in the NICU, while we waited for what seemed an eternity before they joined us at home.

This pregnancy is so different than the last.  In a way, it’s much more challenging, since I don’t have the luxury of laying around all day in a quiet home while I’m pregnant.  Now, I’m working full time and come home to two happily ecstatic little girls who can’t seem to unglue themselves from me wherever I sit.  They love me to death, and I believe that is a testament to all the love we’ve given them since even before they were born.  Every day is easier with them, as they grow more independent and learn more about daily tasks.

This new baby we’re waiting on will be just as loved, and even so much more, because it will have two big sisters who will adore it and smother it with kisses and tenderness.  So many people ask us how we do it and are amazed we’re adding another baby into the mix.  We don’t have a secret, just lots and lots of patience and love to go around.  Everything we do is with gratitude and love for our girls and each other, and we will continue to do so with the new baby.

Our family is blessed, to say the least.  We have faced so many challenges during the past few years, from being impacted by corporate lay-offs, to having to move cross-country to pursue job opportunities; and we are sure there will be more to come.

We are looking forward to meeting our new little one, and are looking forward to how much easier it will be care for a newborn this time around.  This time, it’s only one little baby, and we get to bring it home with us right away, and we are both going to be home together during its first three months home.  Last time around, we waited two months before Eva and Zoe came, then I stayed home alone with them while Victor worked full time, and we were both on night watch every night because we had two babies to care for.  Another factor in our favor is we have two little anxious helpers around this time.  Eva and Zoe are very helpful around the house, and we just know they will take their role as big sisters very seriously.

{I hope you enjoy these sweet family photos.  Oh, how our life has changed over the last two years.}


~the sweetest mami~

{Newborn Photos courtesy of Tami Proffitt —}







5 thoughts on “forever grateful

  1. Simply amazing how God works in our lives. You guys are a blessing to lots of us for the example of Love you live and show. We remember you much. XXOO

  2. Very sweet! You guys get as much sleep as you can now…well, as much as beautiful Eva & Zoe let you! 🙂

  3. Thank you for sharing and for making my day! I love your babies even from thousands of miles away. You look beautiful and happy. Sending you all our love. xoxo – Rob and Jamie Villa

  4. You always make me smile. The love and care you show each other is an example we can all learn from. Best wishes for another beautiful baby – I hope it is a boy that gives you a run for your money. There are enough girls around there ;>)

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