{do what makes you happy}

Do one thing, every day, that makes you happy.  This is my new mantra.

I am all about life’s simple pleasures.  I don’t need much to keep me happy.  With me, it’s the little things.  I quickly realized this as I am confined to mandatory bed rest for six weeks, to heal from the c-section that brought me my darling Lucas.  I am itching to tackle huge projects at home and reorganize and redecorate every nook and corner of my home, but I am physically unable to do any of this.  Instead, I am limited to spending the majority of my time at rest, reading, listening to music, and gazing at my sleepy Lucas most of the day.

However, all hope is not lost on me.  I have been able to keep my spirits up by tackling smaller tasks here and there.  I have also grown a deeper appreciation for my time with Eva and Zoe, since it is so limited and controlled these days.  I still can’t pick up my girls, but it doesn’t stop them from trying to jump into my arms.

So, in the spirit of maintaining my sanity…uh, happiness…I am working on a list of my favorite things to do that bring me joy — here it  goes…

  1. buy fresh flowers for the home
  2. chat with a friend on the phone
  3. meet up with a friend
  4. watch a funny movie *zoolander is my fave*
  5. bake something delicious, from scratch
  6. take a walk *great way to get to know the neighbors*
  7. enjoy a bowl of ice cream (or haagen dasz bar)
  8. work on a photo album or scrapbook
  9. work on an inspiration board
  10. laugh out loud
  11. enjoy play time with Zoe and Eva *tea, anyone?*
  12. read a bedtime story to my darlings
  13. dance with Zoe and Eva *twirl twirl twirl*
  14. complete an unfinished project or task
  15. enjoy a hot cup of tea and cookies

Note that the following did NOT make the list, but do consume too much of my time on some days:

  1. surf the web
  2. shop online
  3. browse pinterest
  4. follow status updates on facebook
  5. read junk mail and shopping offers in my inbox
  6. open and sort junk mail received at home
  7. pay bills
  8. balance our budget
  9. figure out what’s for dinner
  10. clear out clutter

I’m hoping that if I can focus on the things that make me happy, I will find more balance and time to spend on those things that are guilty pleasures (i.e. facebook, pinterest) and be able to better tackle those necessary evils that cannot be ignored (i.e. pay bills and plan dinner).

I’ve already started small.  Yesterday, I bought fresh tulips for the home and the happiness factor has already spilled over into today when I see them brightly sitting by my bedside.

Today, I’ve already completed two unfinished tasks AND reached out to a friend.  The inspiration is never-ending.  What will YOU be able to achieve once you start focusing on the good?


{stay happy}


~the sweetest mami~

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