{absence makes the heart grow fonder}

I’m sitting in a hotel room in Mexico City writing this post, waiting for time to pass so I can Skype with my girls at bedtime.  I miss them terribly, and would miss them even more if I didn’t receive daily photos of them showing them off in all their sweet glory.  With all this technology these days, it makes the time apart just a bit more bearable.  Before I left on my trip, I tried to take as many photos and silly videos of them as possible, so I could flip through them on my phone when I’m missing them (which is more often than not).  Lucas was a good sport, too, cooing and giggling for me whenever I caught him on film.

I am travelling with a small photo book, featuring a few sweet shots we got while I was on maternity leave, which include the moment Eva and Zoe first met their baby brother.  My heart melts every time I glance at those pictures.  Every day, I take a moment to reflect on how blessed I am, and thank God for giving me such a sweet family.  I have a loving husband who is very supportive of my career choices, and cares for and loves our children so dearly; I am blessed with such fun sweet girls who inject my heart with joy each time I chat with them online; and I am blessed with one sweet little boy who is healthy as can be, and will have the time of his life growing up in such a loving household.

Here are the most recent photos of my darlings, that I simply can’t get enough of these past few hours…

My baby, Lucas, so photogenic already, with arms outstretched just waiting to be picked up…

I long for the day I return home so I can feel his baby warmth once more

Eva and Zoe, taking a stroll in the old neighborhood

Am loving the swagger, but am also touched by their sweet display of sisterly love

I’ve got to go now.  I am due for my evening Skype date with my loved ones.

May you be blessed with the company of those you love tonight.

{sweet dreams}


~the sweetest mami~

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