All you need is love; Love is all you need. {one weekend, two cakes}

I am refreshed from the long weekend.  Glad I got to do so much, and enjoy time off with my sweet family.

I baked two cakes this weekend — Banana Fosters Rum Cake for my friend’s birthday on Saturday, and Natural Red Velvet Cake {Recipe courtesy of Sophistimom} for our Labor Day BBQ on Sunday.  The girls helped me along the way, and it took three days to complete both cakes from start to finish!





The weather was beautiful on Sunday.  We entertained, ate good food in great company and the girls and Lucas had a good time too!


The girls had so much fun, playing with bubbles and getting nice and dirty in our backyard.


It was a long weekend, all right, and we were grateful for the extra day of family fun.  The girls weren’t ready to go to bed after all the fun, but eventually they gave in.  The joy they had is written all over their face on Monday evening.


I hope you found a fun way to celebrate the long weekend, too, and enjoyed good food and company.  Even though summer is officially over for many of you, there are many more good times to come in the future!

~the sweetest mami~


ps The title of this blog is a fun and loving quote we posted at home this weekend.  We want to post a new one each week.  Hope you enjoyed it.  {courtesy of the Beatles}

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