Happy New Year!

Photography by Alison Frank Photography

As I slowly settle into 2013, I take a moment to reflect on all the good that 2012 brought our little family, the most important one being the birth of our son.  Lucas turned nine months old yesterday, and it feels like he has always been with us.  It has been challenging finding balance in a household of five, and it has not always been easy, but our hearts are full of love and LOVE CONQUERS ALL.

In this new year, I have much I want to accomplish, but I don’t want to make a laundry list of items and call it a new year’s resolution.  No, not this year.  This year is all about perspective.  My perspective on life, and what the future holds for our little family.

Instead, I have come up with a few core principles I want to live each day.  Here is my list of three for 2013:

  1. Laugh More
  2. Worry Less
  3. Be Present

And with that, comes the realization that I can no longer strive for complete perfection in all I do.  I have come to learn that perfection is the enemy of productivity.  In waiting for the perfect moment, an opportunity may be lost.  In not having the perfect materials for a project, the project may never be completed.  This will be a hard one for me, as all who are close to me know me too well.  This is the year of “just do it” because waiting around just won’t cut it anymore.

I have baby books to fill with sweet memories that are passing us by, photos to frame for all who enter our home to enjoy, and recipes to try with my girls while they are still young.  This morning, I spent some time creating vision boards to keep in our bedroom, with the hopes that having a place to save clippings of inspiring photos will be a constant reminder of what can be in the future, and of what is in the present.

May you all have a blessed and prosperous 2013, and may it be filled with sweet moments that bring you love, peace, happiness, and health.

{Happy New Year}


~the sweetest mami~

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