Letting go is never easy

Today is my ‘catch up at home’ day.  I just finished three loads of laundry and it is not even 10 am yet.  As I folded the second load, I came across so many articles of clothing my children still love but no longer fit well.  “I have to get rid of these soon”, I think to myself.  The truth is that I have tried to get rid of some of these items many times, but the resistance I face from them is strong.  I gently fold a pair of basketball shorts Lucas loves that is two sizes too small and way too tight around his tiny waist.  I make small piles of their clothes, separating (once again) the ones I plan to donate.  Only time will tell if these will make it back into their drawers.

Reality hits me as I stack the clothes into the laundry basket to bring them upstairs.  I, too, have been struggling with letting go lately.  I am in the midst of a(nother) rebranding project for my business, and have dealt with anxiety, guilt and shame of letting go of a brand I built out of so much love and intention.  I know my brand ‘no longer fits’, but I can’t seem to let go either.  I remind myself that my identity is not tied to my business, and that with growth comes pain and fear.

I have been praying hard for clarity during this time.  I asked God to help me stay true to my heart and soul and to show me the way that will allow me to execute the plan he has for me.  This week has been filled with so many heartfelt conversations with women I admire and who encourage me along the way.  In one discussion, I realized my love for Hospitality is a God-given talent I’ve been blessed with and so much of what I love to do is a direct representation of this.  I asked for prayers to give me the wisdom to lead with love and let go of what no longer serves me.  God answered my prayers and has filled my heart with the confidence and wisdom I need to move forward with a new brand.  In reviewing my emails, I came across a quote that beautifully captures what I’m going through.

“The sooner you make a choice, the sooner you can make an adjustment“ 

James Clear

I hope this inspires you to embrace a decision you are struggling with, too, and find comfort knowing you are not alone.



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