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It’s Always Sunny In Florida

It rained for a few minutes this morning, but it cleared up and the sun was shining by the time I was ready to leave for work.  Here’s to another sunny day in Florida, and me sporting another new outfit to celebrate my {new mama} status.

I loved this dress at first sight, even though it has patterns, and 95% of my clothes are solid!  The colors are so pretty, and it’s perfect for nursing since it has straps (which I’ve kept under cover with this sweet cardigan in a bright coral).  I went for comfort today and wore flat sandals in gold, and accessorized with a few touches of gold on my bracelet and necklace.  Again, my jewelry is from Stella & Dot and my shoes are from Banana Republic.


{Happy Styling!}

~the sweetest mami~

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{one haute mama}

Last week, I returned to work with the sad realization that I had nothing to wear to suit my {new mama} status.  I needed clothes that would support my days of nursing Lucas at home and pumping milk on the go.  I have been lucky enough to work in a place that supports my breast feeding goals.  I had my office window covered and even got a small fridge in my private office, so I could store the milk I pump during the day.  I also ordered a hands-free busier bra to wear while pumping so I could now keep working while I pumped.

Only one obstacle remained–my current wardrobe was not very nursing-friendly.  I now needed tops and dresses I could pull down, lift up, pull aside, or unbutton easily.  I went on a small shopping spree with a budget of $200 and came home with 7 new pieces that I think will get me through work days and weekends for a while.  This was easy once I discovered the MNG by Mango collection at JC Penney.  Every item I purchased was under $50 and I got a 20% discount too!  The collection features many items that can easily transition between work and the weekend.

I wanted to share my new wardrobe here for other new mamas.  Here’s what I wore to work today, featuring a new blouse.  Since summer dress code in my office is casual, I paired it with dark denim jeans by Banana Republic and jazzed it all up with a gold links bracelet and a gold bee pendant necklace from my days of selling Stella & Dot.  You can’t really see my shoes, but I’m wearing strappy metallic heels that are actually very comfortable.

MNG Blouse $40

Hoping I’ve inspired other haute mamas!

{Happy shopping!}

~the sweetest mami~

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Spring is in the air…

These days, I’m drawn to all things pastel and longing for a home filled with fresh cut flowers.

Spring is a time for new beginnings, fresh starts, and rejuvenation.  Many of us celebrate Easter, which is a great reminder of all things Spring.  This year is special for me, as I await the birth of our third child this Spring.  I am carefully preparing our home for the arrival of our little one, and am inspired by so much these days, as I try to bring feelings of warmth and joy into our home.

I’ve been collecting a series of inspirational photos via my Pinterest account, which I’d like to share with you here.  I hope these inspire you to embrace Spring, and invite you to share your own thoughts on Spring with me.

Spring 2012 Ad
{Louis Vuitton}


Pretty in Pink..and other pastels...
{via Scrapbook blog by Melissah}


Pink Flowers for every room...
{via Scrapbook blog by Melissah}


Orange Creamsicle aka "Morir Sonando"
(via Dominican Cooking blog}


{Happy Spring!}


~the sweetest mami~

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{Happy Shopping}

Here’s one fabulous gift guide I wanted to share with all of you.  I hope none of you are planning to endure the chaos of Black Friday sales, and instead opt to stay in for all of your Christmas shopping, as I usually do.  This is the ultimate online gift guide, for all my fellow online shoppers.  Also, there are some great downloadable gift tags, starting on page 130, that are super cute and great for any occasion.  {Happy Shopping!}

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Love the look of personalized stationery

Few things are more personal than a hand-written note, from time to time.  In these days of e-mail, texts, and Facebook posts, it’s nice to drop an old friend a line just to say hi, or to thank them for a sweet gesture or gift.

I’m a big fan of personal thank you cards and greetings, especially since all my friends and family live far, far away.

Here are a few pretty ways to stay in touch with your loved ones…despite the distance.