Spring is in the air…

These days, I’m drawn to all things pastel and longing for a home filled with fresh cut flowers.

Spring is a time for new beginnings, fresh starts, and rejuvenation.  Many of us celebrate Easter, which is a great reminder of all things Spring.  This year is special for me, as I await the birth of our third child this Spring.  I am carefully preparing our home for the arrival of our little one, and am inspired by so much these days, as I try to bring feelings of warmth and joy into our home.

I’ve been collecting a series of inspirational photos via my Pinterest account, which I’d like to share with you here.  I hope these inspire you to embrace Spring, and invite you to share your own thoughts on Spring with me.

Spring 2012 Ad
{Louis Vuitton}


Pretty in Pink..and other pastels...
{via Scrapbook blog by Melissah}


Pink Flowers for every room...
{via Scrapbook blog by Melissah}


Orange Creamsicle aka "Morir Sonando"
(via Dominican Cooking blog}


{Happy Spring!}


~the sweetest mami~

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