Local Spots (in Phoenix, Arizona)

My husband (Victor) and I are self-proclaimed foodies. Our love of food keeps us going, at home and when we’re out and about. I thought it would be nice to share some of our favorite spots with you. Hope to see you around!

Favorite Pizza Joint: La Grande Orange (aka LGO)
We discovered this spot once, through word of mouth, and now we can’t imagine ever living without it. We are still in shock when we mention it to others who have either never heard of it yet, or haven’t found the time to check it out yet.

BONUS TIP: If you are put on a waiting list, don’t let it bring you down. That’s actually great news! Now you have time to head over to Il Postino (our Favorite Wine Bar), which belongs to the same owners of LGO. Relax, have a glass (or two) of wine, and try out their Bruschetta platters. Great for sharing!

Favorite Sports Bar: Stoudemire’s
We have had seasons tickets to the Phoenix Suns for about 3 years now. When we can, we like to head out early enough to enjoy a snack and a drink before the game, at Stoudemire’s Downtown bar (partly owned by Phoenix Suns player, Amare Stoudemire). The best part is we are just across the street from the game, so we often time it just so we can walk in as they are announcing the Suns.

Our favorite items on the menu are the potstickers and sliders. I usually wash my food down with a Bacardi and Coke, while Vic’s drink of choice is usually beer.

Favorite Greek: Ararat
Okay, so we don’t live in Central Phoenix (yet). We are way out on the West (and South) side of town, so we do frequent Avondale a lot when we go to the movies. One rare find was a small Greek restaurant just a few doors down from the Harkins Gateway Pavilions theater complex in Avondale. It’s family-owned and both the service and food are excellent.

You have to try their rice, as a side. It’s flavored with lemon, somehow, but very light and fluffy always. I am a big fan of the traditional lamb gyro in a pita, while Vic prefers chicken to my lamb. We both love the falafels though.

Favorite Mexican: Coming Soon!

You can’t blame me. I have to consult with Victor before I bestow this honor; After all, I did marry a Mexican…

Favorite Breakfast: The Breakfast Club

We had always driven past this spot, on Scottsdale road (in Old Town Scottsdale) and wondered what they were serving to merit the name ‘The Breakfast Club’. Curiosity got the best of us, until we ventured out their for breakfast before attending a Williams-Sonoma cooking class one fine Sunday. What caught our attention right away wasn’t how busy they were, but that they have a Barrista Bar in the back, featuring ‘Starbucks style’ coffees that could be better than the real thing. Their drinks menu features hot and iced lattes, espressos, and teas that you can enjoy while waiting for your table and reading the Sunday paper. {The only drawback is that they don’t have a liquor license yet, so you’ll have to go without the mimosa or screwdriver.}

All their breakfast plates come with a side of fresh fruit, which is nice. My favorite item is their traditional eggs benedict dish, and their huevos rancheros are also a huge hit. On weekends, beat the crowds by showing up before 11am. Apparently, the party crowd doesn’t seem to roll out of bed until then…

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