Salt Lake City Eats

I have travelled to Salt Lake City plenty of times, on business. I always try to make the best of my time there, and have explored many restaurants in the Downtown area in doing so. I wanted to share some of my favorite spots with you, in case you’re ever in the area.

Best Mexican: The Red Iguana
This is arguably the best local Mexican restaurant in the area. It’s also been featured on the Food Network; yes, it’s THAT good! Expect a long line outside, unless you go before the dinner rush which usually starts around 5.30pm.

My favorite dishes are the Chile Verde and the Carne Asada Tacos and, of course, their Margaritas!

Best Steak: Spencer’s
Located in the Hilton Salt Lake City Center, one may never guess that the city’s best steakhouse would be hidden away in a Business Hotel. The service is spectacular, and the steak even better. Service is a la carte, here, as it is at many fine steakhouses. Bar service costs a little less than seated service in the dining room area, and you sacrifice nothing while gaining a good view of the TV (if you want to catch up on sports).

Order your steak medium, if you want to savor the juices, and never more than medium-well at such a fine establishment. Accompany it with their side spinach and mashed potato dishes, and top it all off with their specialty chocolate cake, if you save room for dessert!

BONUS TIP: Frequent customers earn the honor and privilege of getting a knife hung on a plaque, as somewhat of a commemorative souvenir, for display at Spencer’s. {No, I am not quite there yet…}

GOOD TO KNOW: They host many ‘private’ events at Spencer’s, that you can join in on if you know about them. Ask the bartender if there are any events during your stay, and he will let you know about anything interesting happening. I had the fortune to attend a wine-tasting event hosted by Peter Mondavi (of the famous Mondavi wine family) during one of my stays. It was definitely worth it.

Best Sports Bar: Port O’Call
OK, it’s actually more like a mega-club than a traditional sports bar. This place has a game room downstairs (with pool tables, darts and plenty of TVs), a stage for live music on the main floor, and a dance club and patio area upstairs. I usually frequent it during the week, but I know that on weekends and busy nights there are often lines just to get in. The food is okay, but the atmosphere is great.

GOOD TO KNOW: The bar is only open to members (in accordance with SLC liquor laws); a full year membership is $17, and allows you to bring guests as well.

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