Do Sweat the Small Stuff: Light Fixtures

When I bought my new home five years ago, I upgraded as much as possible to make sure I could have a home that was beautiful and elegant. However, the upgrades the home builder offered for lighting were still nothing but dull and dreary. I hope the pictures I share with you of the true upgrades I’ve made in my home inspire you.

In the dining area, I inherited an inverted half-sphere, which was standard but not very appealing. I quickly went out shopping looking for something more dramatic, and found these beautiful pendant lamps to hang over my dining room table. I bought three of them, and set them on a dimmer for mood lighting. I cannot stop receiving compliments on this quick update, which did not cost more than $200.
For the master bedroom, I found this beautiful capiz shell pendant that echoed the light colors of my decor and complements a romantic, airy style. I found this at Cost Plus World Market for under $100, and also put it on a dimmer to up the romance factor in the bedroom.


Every new home comes with these awful Vegas-style dressing room bulbs. I was also quick to replace those in the master bathroom. It really made a world of difference. See for yourself the touch of elegance it brought to the bathroom. These I found at Home Depot, and am sure I did not spend more than $100 on them.

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