Summer Style

Now that the hot weather is here, it’s always amusing to see how it affects people differently. I can just spend a whole afternoon people-watching, and admire those who really know how to pull off a great summer outfit, while wondering why others simply don’t have a clue. Here are some practical tips I wanted to share with everyone, to help you be one of those admired…


  • Keep it light. Light, airy fabrics are made for summer. Great pieces are made of cotton, linen, and (for ladies) sheer chiffon.
  • Wear comfortable clothing. There is nothing less sexy than a woman hiking up her strapless every two minutes, just because she thought it looked cute.
  • Lighten up your wardrobe. This is the time to wear playful, colorful clothes. Ditch the grays and dark browns for now, and bust out the soft blues and pinks (yes, even for men). The only exception to this rule is our universal black — that never ceases to look chic!
  • Wear summer shoes. Sneakers are made for running, not for shorts. Men – Do invest in a nice pair of sandals you can wear with slacks or shorts. Leather ones are optimal, for a nice night out. Ladies – Flaunt your summer pedicure with metallic and stylish flat sandals, and if you want to wear heels, keep them strappy.


  • Overexpose. Keep the bare skin to a minimum; please leave something to the imagination, ladies. Fellas – this is not the time to bare your gut, unless you are blessed with abs of steel!
  • Roast. A summer tan is still very sexy, but the lobster look is not. Please be responsible when tanning, and don’t forget the sunscreen.
  • Lose yourself in accessories. This is the time to be easy, breezy, nice and easy–and that means less is more. Don’t pile on the accessories now. Keep the focus on simplicity, and live with the fact than one great pair of hoop earrings is sometimes all you need.
  • Dehydrate yourself. Even when you’re out at a pool party, don’t forget the importance of hydration. Drink lots of water when you’re out by the pool or golfing. Not only will this help you party longer, it also helps your skin look a lot nicer.
  • Here are some summer looks that are perfect this season. Find these at one of my favorite stores – Banana Republic. Have a great summer!

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