Babymoon in Santa Barbara

Lately, there is a new trend for pregnant moms and dads. It is the concept of taking that one last ‘hurrah’ vacation before life changes with the birth of a new baby. This new trend is referred to as the ‘Babymoon’.

Well, with two new babies on the way, you just knew we’d have to take a part in this one. We planned our escape to California, so we could drive there rather than deal with airports and flying. After some research, we settled on visiting Santa Barbara, also known as ‘the American Riviera’. Ironically, we wanted to leave Phoenix to get away to cooler weather but the heat followed us, since the average temperatures were in the 80’s–granted, still cooler than Phoenix but not cool enough when you’re pregnant. I didn’t get to use a lot of what I packed for the brisk weather we expected, but I was lucky enough to buy some new stuff out there to wear right away.

We stayed in Carpinteria, about 20 miles south of Santa Barbara, which is also very quaint and peaceful (just what we were looking for). It was so nice to get away and really not have an agenda. We visited some local sights (including the Mission of Santa Barbara, which was an architectural beauty) and enjoyed the local cuisine in and around Santa Barbara. Most days we were back in our hotel by 8pm, which was fine by me, since we did a lot of walking during the day. Besides, the World Series games were on, so Victor was happy to be back in the room watching them, and they turned out to be quite the sleep inducers for me! Overall, I am glad we took a trip when we did in my pregnancy, because any later would have been too much for me, as I got bigger.

All the great eateries we visited are described in my Food & Wine Diary, at Also, pictures of this trip will follow soon.

One thought on “Babymoon in Santa Barbara

  1. I've heard of a babymoon before, but it was used differently. It meant those first few weeks after the baby was born. Glad you guys had a great time!

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