A Day at the Zoo

I thought it would be fun to get out and have some fun in a kid-friendly environment before my own arrive. The perfect opportunity arose when my friend invited me to join her and her toddler daughter to visit the Phoenix Zoo, for the special Boo at the Zoo event they hold each October. With our (nearly) five-year old niece in tow, I headed to the Zoo to join in on all the fun.

The moment we got there I felt anxiety. It was pure and utter chaos there, from the parking lot to the ticket line, and all throughout the zoo tour. I felt overwhelmed merely by watching moms and dads chase their small ones around. “I’m having two, I’m having two, I’m having two” was all I could think! Well, at least I know Daddy would never send Mommy and twins to the zoo on their own, so I could take comfort in that fact right away.

I did ok, though, all things considered. I kept cool in whatever shade I could find, kept hydrated with a big bottle of cold water, and kept my patience no matter how many times our niece strayed on ahead of us with so much excitement to see the next animal.

The only thing that went wrong was that I lost my balance taking a picture once when I crouched down to get the perfect view, and fell on my butt when I tried to get myself up! A nice man nearby noticed this and immediately offered his hand to me to help me up. I was so embarrassed, but now I know…I can’t do everything I used to anymore!

One thought on “A Day at the Zoo

  1. This is really good!Haydee, I'll go with you to the zoo anytime you want to go when the twins arrive…if you ever want to go again…:)Take care,Andreia

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