Symptoms continue…

All things considered, I haven’t had to deal with many crazy symptoms yet. I have read so many books already warning me about all these dreaded symptoms such as crazy cravings, huge stretchmarks, varicose veins, leg cramps and blotches all over your body and face. It seems that none of the side effects I’m ‘prepared for’ appear, but instead I experience things that are rarely mentioned in books or websites.

One annoying side effect that has recently started (and is not getting any better) is lots of pain in my hands due to their swelling. I expected this on my feet, but didn’t really think it would happen to my hands–and I never expected it would hurt! Well, the pain is constant and hurts the most where my fingers bend, so it is starting to make even the mundane daily tasks more challenging for me these days. Not to mention, I had to finally give in and take off my wedding rings thanks to this new change. I waited as long as I could to take them off, but when my doctor said “You’d might as well just take them off now, before they have to be cut off”, that kind of sold me on it! I wear them around my neck on a necklace now, lest people start asking me about my marital status during this current state of mine.

Another effect of pregnancy is my obvious ever-growing belly has virtually swallowed my belly button by now! Yeah, yeah, yeah…I knew this would come, but I just never guessed I’d miss it so much. It’s just so weird to feel my bump and see that the skin around and over my belly button is so different now. I’m wondering if my innie will become an outie before I give birth?? NOOOO!! Oh well, it’s the price I have to pay, isn’t it? Sure beats stretch marks…

Lastly, I learned that a lot of the first trimester symptoms disappear in the second trimester, only to show up again in the third trimester. Now, I don’t know if it’s because I’m having twins, but I feel this happening already, and am only at 23 weeks now. Even though I have been on daily medication for nausea, I have started to feel more queasy lately and even got sick one day this week already! Also, I have been very fatigued often, which was very common in the first trimester. I sleep in and am sleepy again before I’ve even been up for two hours. This disappoints me the most, as I’m still not finished with all the clutter-clearing and home projects I wanted to tackle during my anticipated ‘energetic’ second trimester. Well, at least I don’t have a job to go to these days. I don’t know how I could do it…

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