Update on Eva and Zoë [4 weeks, 2 days old]

Eva and Zoë are progressing very well in their development, and growing stronger with each passing day.  They have both been moved to the Intermediary unit in the NICU, which is one step down in terms of high risk.  Eva has been taken off oxygen and is on room air only now, which is a big milestone.  Zoë is sure to be right behind her, as she is almost ready to come off the small amount of oxygen she still needs to keep her stable all day.  Zoë now weighs 2 lbs 8 oz and the last time we checked, Eva was at 2 lbs 13 oz, so they are steadily putting on weight as well.  I have been able to pump milk during my recent visits to see the girls, and I am looking forward to starting kangaroo care, which is when I’ll be able to hold them up against me, in skin-to-skin contact, to increase our bonding time and aid in their development.  We are grateful that our babies are doing so well.  Thank you for your continued support and prayers.

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