Time to finish the nursery…

As the weeks go by, with our babies in the NICU, we have been working hard at home to finish preparing everything for their arrival. 
I have had to order a few more clothes to fit them, since they will most likely still be smaller than ‘newborn’ size when they come home.  I found out that BabyGap stocks some items in a size ‘Up to 7 lbs’ which will probably fit them better since they will probably be around 5 or 6 lbs, at the most when they come home.  We also had to buy another shelving unit for our garage, to accomodate the overflow of items that will probably not fit in the nursery.  We anticipate using it mostly for diapers and wipies, and also for their travel gear so we can save some space in their closet and in our home. 
The nursery is essentially ready, with the exception of a few finishing touches. We have to hang their personalized picture frames, that will display their first tiny handprints and footprints along with their picture.  We are going to hang these over their cribs—to help everyone tell them apart!  I also plan to make a crystal pendant ‘chandelier’ to hang from the ceiling, but am still looking for some of the materials I need.  It will be similar to the popular capiz pendant lamps, but with crystals instead of capiz shells.  I am having a hard time finding the metal ring I need to string the crystals onto.  We are also looking to put up some pretty floral wall decals to soften the space—see the ones I’m considering below (available at WhatIsBlik.com).

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