Update on Eva and Zoë [4 weeks, 5 days old]

Eva and Zoë  are growing so quickly!  Eva now weighs 3 lb 8 oz, and is 16″ long;  Zoë’s weight is 2 lb 10 oz, and she’s 14.5″ long.  It’s so amazing to see what a difference a few ounces make in their appearance; the doctor confirmed they are identical, but we can still tell our two princesses apart!
They have both been doing really well, and are feeding on my breast milk almost exclusively—they also receive additional calories from fortifiers.  Both of our darlings are very alert, yet at the same time very peaceful and mellow.  We’ve had the opportunity to change their diapers and take their temperature when the nurses do their rounds, and they rarely fuss or cry when they’re handled.  Every time we carry them, they look right up at us with their beautiful brown eyes, and within moments fall asleep peacefully.
Today, I was fortunate enough to begin kangaroo care, with Eva.  It was the sweetest thing!  She lay right on my bare chest while I held her, covered with a blanket.  She looked up at me the whole time, and gripped my pinky tightly as I whispered softly to her and kissed the top of her head.  When it was time for me to put her back, I could tell she didn’t want our time to end yet.  She wriggled around and clutched at me, so I could keep holding her.  It was the hardest thing, to leave her behind.  I’m just happy I got to hold her so closely, and that she’s doing so well.  Tomorrow, I hope to start doing the same with Zoë.  It will be great when I can hold both of them like that together!

3 thoughts on “Update on Eva and Zoë [4 weeks, 5 days old]

  1. Yeah holding them especailly in kangaroo position really helps! All the monitors beeping and fussing that goes on is stressful for them when there with you they can connect match there heartbeat to yours and they can start recognizing your scent:) I'm very happy for you _Ashley R

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