Life is Beautiful.

I love my life.  Every day is a brand new day, filled with sweet moments of laughter and joy.  I can’t get enough of my new girls.  They warm my heart each day, with their loud and spontaneous laughter and their mischievous ways.  I never thought being a mom could be so much fun, despite all the work involved.  As I write this, Eva and Zoe are quietly napping.  Sometimes I can’t get over all the pain and suffering I went through to get to this peaceful state, at last.  

I spent some time uploading new photos of the girls today, onto my facebook account.  As I shared the new photos, I couldn’t help but look back at some of the first photos we took of them.  How precious and tiny they were when we first met them!  God is good.  He took care of us so well, and really looked after our sweet angels the whole time they were in my womb, and in the NICU.  I am holding back tears when I remember how long those days were, when we anxiously waited to see how everything would unfold.  Our girls are so healthy and happy, despite everything they’ve been put through.  I cherish every minute we spend with them, and look forward to many fun times ahead of us.

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