Home is where the heart is…

Recently, we’ve been faced with a very tough decision.  After many months of searching for a new job, I have accepted a job with American Express.  The position is located in Florida, which means we will be relocating to the Fort Lauderdale area within the next two months.  While we search for a new home in Florida and make all the arrangements for our move, I will be working out of a local office in Phoenix.  

While we are very saddened to leave those close to us behind, especially now that we are new parents, we are excited to be moving to such a nice location, and hope to have many visitors.  I’m also happy we’ll be a little closer to my East Coast friends and family, whom I left behind six years ago, and have missed dearly since the day I left.  We hope to make the most of our time left in Phoenix, and look forward to connecting with everyone in person before we leave.  We also hope we can see our East Coast loved ones soon once we settle down in Florida.

Like I said, this was a very tough decision, but in the end we are happy with our choices.  No matter where we go, we take our closest relationships with us.  My friends and families are evidence that no matter how many miles apart we are, we remain as close as ever despite the distance.  Now that we are parents, our top priority is providing the best living environment for our little family.  Wherever we go, we know “Home is where the heart is”.  All we need is love, right? ;-D

3 thoughts on “Home is where the heart is…

  1. Ur definitely right Prima….Wish u & ur family plenty of blessings and success with ur new move…:)..Climate is great down there and u guys will be just fine…and closer to us of course…& I also want to thank u for the family photo u sent us… Its Gorgeous…Mami has it frame @ house…:)Thanks for keep us posted prima… Xoxo…ttys..:D

  2. Oh goodness. Your blog and the beautiful pictures makes me miss you guys! I am glad to see all is well, despite the long housing search. I hope your job is going well! Give your beautiful babies a kiss for me…and the biggest baby of all Victor. Miss and love you guys!

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