Pretty In Pink

Wanted to celebrate the girls’ first birthday with a Pretty In Pink theme.  Here are some photos and tips on achieving the look yourself!

Party hats
Roll scrapbook paper until you’ve got a nice cone shape
Mark the paper so you can cut the excess paper
Cut the excess paper, and attach the paper to itself with tape
Punch holes on the sides, and knot ribbon through each hole

Cupcake toppers
Type out birthday messages in pretty fonts
Cut them out in circles
Tape the message cards to scrapbook paper, cut in circles with scalloped scissors
Attach cupcake toppers to toothpicks

Pom Poms
Fold 8 – 10 layers of tissue paper lengthwise, in accordion strips
With the layers folded and laying flat, tie the center of the tissues
Pull apart each layer, until a full pom pom shape is achieved

Pick one colour theme and limit the wrapping to two contrasting patterns
Use pretty grosgrain or silk ribbon to tie bows in the contrasting colour on each gift

Customize your cupcakes by adding a drop or two of food colouring into white frosting
Mix with an electric mixer for best results

Hope you enjoyed my photos and ideas, and that I’ve inspired you to make every celebration a pretty one!

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