{Summer Brights} Fun ideas to brighten up your home.

Classic Dominican Creamsicle – “Morir Sonando”
Courtesy of ‘Dominican Cooking’

I’m on a decorating high from all the little changes I’ve slowly made in my home, and all those that are yet to come.  Here are a few quick tips I hope you can use to liven up your home during these summer months.  It’s amazing how far your dollar can go, when you make a conscious effort.

  • Bring fresh flowers into your space.  For less than $10, there are many single-bloom bouquets you can buy at your local grocery store.  My favorites are sunflowers and pink roses, depending on the mood I’m in.  If you want to make an impact with a small amount of flowers, simply place individual blooms into small bud vases (or wine bottles, even) and display them grouped together or spaced out evenly on a larger surface such as your dining room table or a shelf.
  • Frame a few of your favorite photos and make a statement.  I’ll bet there are plenty of great memories you’ve got stashed away waiting to be displayed.  Select a few of your most fun and colorful shots, and group them together in simple white frames to bring some joy into your world.  If you have spare frames lying around, but are different colors, just spray paint them all in white for a more uniform look.
  • Make your own art.  Go ahead, embrace the artist in you.  Buy a canvas board and scribble a quote that is meaningful to you.  If you dare, do it in your own hand writing.  If you want it to be picture perfect, buy a stencil and fill it in with paint once done.  I have so many ideas for boards I want to create, I almost don’t know where to start.  Here are some I am considering for somewhat of a ‘family wall’ I am going to create near our entry:  “Home is where the heart is”; “Love lives here”; “Duarte Family, established 2008”; “LOVE” in block letters, much like the famous sculpture.  In our kitchen, I am going to make our own “Eat, Drink and Be Merry” sign(s).  The possibilities are endless.  Start off by painting the background, then adding your own lettering in a complementary color for a nice pop.

Here are a few images I hope will inspire you.

Courtesy of Scrapbook Blog by Melissah
Courtesy of tatertots & jello
Courtesy of Tessyla, at Etsy

{Happy Decorating!}


~the sweetest mami~

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