{America, the beautiful}

I’ve been away from home for less than a week, and am so grateful I get to return home today.  Oddly enough, this was my first domestic trip I took since the flight from Phoenix to Fort Lauderdale nearly two years ago, when I moved to Florida with my dear family.

I’m in Madison, Wisconsin, and have to admit it is one beautiful town.  Very picturesque and small-town feel.  Driving through downtown, it is nice to see virtually no big-name stores or restaurants.  It’s full of one-of-a-kind shops and eating places.  I’m grateful to be here in the summer, because I hear the winters are brutal.  The weather has been warm and sunny, and only today has it started to rain a bit here and there.  The landscape is ever so green and hilly; I’d really hate to be here during an ice or snow storm!

@Rocky Rococo’s – home of best pan pizza in town!
@ the Old Fashioned – downtown Madison
I was tempted to try this soup, but passed!
deep fried cheese curds…yummy!
home made frozen custard, less than a mile from the office..dangerous!
@ Michael’s Frozen Custard
I had the Chunky Monkey..delish!
my Chunky Monkey sundae!

Well, I’ve enjoyed my stay here and made the most of my ‘free’ time away from home.  Caught a couple of movies and enjoyed some frozen custard and local cheeses too.  The time has come to return to my lovely family, which I’ve missed dearly.



~the sweetest mami~

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