{my happiness project} *just checking in*

I’m {happy} to share that I’ve made some progress already on some of the areas I decided to focus on.  Here’s what I’ve accomplished, so far:

  • Donated clothes and household items to benefit families affected by Breast Cancer
  • Finished three out of the six pillowcases for the mini-makeover for our Living Room
  • Prepared meat sauce to set up and freeze stuffed pasta shells
  • Replenished many of our groceries and household items on bulk and on sale
  • BONUS:  Worked on our tax return for 2011 (which is due October 31st, thanks to an extension we filed)

I feel so productive.  Not to say I no longer feel overwhelmed, because it will be some time before I truly feel caught up with everything, but it’s nice that I have a ‘list’ I can actually focus on, rather than a laundry list of small tasks that don’t really contribute to a greater goal.

In the meantime, I am enjoying time with my sweet family and am happy we got to take some time out for an early celebration of Victor’s birthday last week.  We went out for a family dinner and surprised him with chocolate cake for dessert.  I had told Eva & Zoe we were taking papa out for his birthday and had a big surprise for him, and it was all I could do to stop them from talking about birthdays and surprises.  {Thankfully, Victor never noticed; he was so distracted by his martini and happy hour beers…not to mention, rocking baby Lucas to sleep.}



Life is good.  I continue to feel blessed each day.

May you find your own path to happiness, one day at a time.

{Stay happy.}


~sweetest mami~

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