{what i wore} trendy or not?

Bird Print Dress by Old Navy $30

Last week, I caught a fashion feature on one of my favorite morning shows, that was all about animal prints — not animal prints, per se, but ‘prints of animals’, as they were so quick to point out.  Wow!  What a new twist on an old concept, right?

Well, imagine my delight when I stumbled upon a very affordable version of this trend while shopping for the kiddos this past weekend at Old Navy.  Even if I had not seen the feature, I think I would have loved it anyway.  I love its proportion and the subtlety of the print, especially since I’m one of those who doesn’t do trends OR prints on a regular basis.  Having said that, I do notice an increase in polka dots in my wardrobe these past few months…perhaps that’s another trend going on, that I followed without even trying…

So, what do you think, am I ‘on trend’ or late to the party?  What recent trends have you gotten sucked into? Which do you love, which ones have you had enough of?  Would love to hear your comments!

{Stay Stylish}


~the sweetest mami~

p.s. Here are some other great items falling under this trend..

Anthropologie BlueBird Mini Dress $158
Jessica Alba in Carolina Herrera Rabbit Print Shirt Dress
Anthropologie Here & There Tee $48
Zara Dog Animal Print $59.90

One thought on “{what i wore} trendy or not?

  1. You look adorable! Trends can be fun sometimes, just to change it up and get out of a clothing rut. I haven’t tried anything new since i am pregnant and huge…lol, but i can’t wait to go shopping after i have the little one!

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