{best of} recent family iPhotos

{eva} in sombrero, eating tortilla;      
{zoe} watching on, wanting tortilla..
Life moves fast, and I find that more and more of our daily highlights are captured casually via our iPhone camera.  When someone asks me for pictures of the girls or Lucas, I usually just pull out my phone and flip through a few of my favorite moments.  When I can, I upload these to instagram and facebook, but some of them never make it that far.

One of my goals is to eventually get organized and make photo books to record all these great moments, and also to enlarge and feature the best ones on our walls, but that will probably take some time and not happen for a while.

In the meantime, I wanted to share those photos that are on my latest ‘best of’ iPhone feed with you, because I don’t want to lose sight of why I first started blogging — which was to stay in touch with all those I hold dear to me, that are far in distance but near to my heart.

Enjoy this fun photo roll…


~the sweetest mami~


@ local farmers’ market
baby lucas
i love *mom*
{zoe} in mama’s sombrero..
gymnastics, anyone?
{sister love}
{daddy and me}

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