Five years ago, I thought Breast Cancer was something women didn’t need to worry about until we turned forty.  That is not the case any longer.  I am saddened to share that two of my dearest friends have received this terrible diagnosis within these last five years, and am humbled and inspired by the courage they have shown throughout their personal battles.

These women are fighters.  Both are great moms, and health nuts.  They were moms before I was one, and I have always admired them in so many ways.  When I learned they had breast cancer, it was unreal.  How could it be true?  Before I could even come to terms with the news, they were moving on with their lives.  Running marathons, returning to work, growing stronger — not weaker — with each passing day.

Thankfully, they have both undergone treatment and are now Breast Cancer Survivors.  They continue to inspire me each day with their strength and positive outlook on life.

In honor of these heroes of mine, and so many more like them, I am making my annual donation to the Susan G Komen for the cure this October, being it is National Breast Cancer Awareness Day.  I hope we find a cure and put an end to this ugly day some day.

Join me in supporting this cause.  During the month of October, if you sign up to follow my blog I will add $1 to my donation.  You may also make your own donation here:  Susan G Komen for the Cure

{Find a Cure}


~the sweetest mami~

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