{a week in the life..}

It’s been one BUSY week!  Friday is finally here, and I’m ready to start the weekend soon, but not before I share a few random shots of the week that I’m about to say goodbye to.  {You may not agree that the week starts until Monday, but MINE gets started on Friday night!}


I love coming home to my girls.  This was taken last Friday evening when I got home, with my iPhone.   I love these silly moments!

Victor was golfing on Saturday, to celebrate his big birthday.  He wanted me to alter this funky pair of pants for him, but I didn’t get around to it, because he moved up the golf outing by one day to take advantage of the better weather.  Which length would you have voted for?


We celebrated Vic’s birthday last Saturday.  The weather was gorgeous, so we ordered pizza and had some cake with good friends.  I baked [again] and the result was better than I could have ever expected.  I have the lovely Barefoot Contessa to thank, though.  I made her Double Chocolate Layer Cake, and although I had a small crisis once I finished frosting it, I managed to save the cake and it was a huge HIT!  If you’re feeling ambitious, and have, oh about 3 hours to spare, you should try making it.  Good luck!

{our fun family of five}


I took Lucas in for his six-month wellness check on Tuesday.  I met with a new doctor at our pediatrician’s office and I was finally impressed with a pediatrician here in South Florida.  He was very attentive and understanding of our family’s needs and gave me great tips on getting Lucas to sleep through the night.  Lucas weighed in at over 16 lbs, and is measuring somewhere around 27″, so needless to say he is one big baby.  The doctor says that if he continues to grow at this rate, he can expect him to be about 6’0″ as an adult.  Geez, as if I didn’t already feel short enough, as it is…gotta love it!

6 month wellness visit {lucas}
{the cat in the hat}


Lately, Lucas is doing too many cute things to keep track of!! I’ve noticed him peeking through his crib slats when we are getting Zoe and Eva ready for bed in the evening.  He is very social..much like his daddy and mama..and does whatever he can to get in the mix, when he can.  Here’s my little munchkin and his juicy lips!

{jailhouse rock!}

Well, the week is now over, and I’m ready to enjoy a new one.  This week, I’m just hoping for clear blue skies so we can enjoy a Family Jazz Brunch we plan to attend on Sunday.   In between, we will probably end up at Target again, and I may or may not take on another baking project.

{Happy Friday!}


~the sweetest mami~

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